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We believe the following are important questions to ask those who oppose our initiative.

  • Proponents of the bill say this is good consumer protection law.  It keeps the state out of abortion decisions by simply making it easier for women to hold abortion providers accountable for good screening and counseling. What are your thoughts on this consumer protection issue?
  • The Stop Forced Abortion Alliance says this is a pro-woman law that simply enhances the ability of women to hold their physicians accountable for ensuring that abortions as voluntary and safe as is possible.  They say that "The only people who can oppose this pro-woman bill are those who care more about the profits of the abortion industry than they do about the health of women."  Even if you may think certain portions of this initiative go too far, are there some portions you would be willing to support?
  • If all other portions of this proposed law were removed, could you at least support legislation making it easier for women to hold abortion providers liable for failing to screen for coercion?


This public education effort is sponsored by the Stop Forced Abortions Alliance. copyright 2007-2008